Riding a Metaphor Where No One Has Gone Before


A Time to Break Silence

Words that apply to Iraq as well as the mess we made of Vietnam:
Somehow this madness must cease. We must stop now. I speak as a child of God and brother to the suffering poor of Vietnam. I speak for those whose land is being laid waste, whose homes are being destroyed, whose culture is being subverted. I speak for the poor of America who are paying the double price of smashed hopes at home, and death and corruption in Vietnam. I speak as a citizen of the world, for the world as it stands aghast at the path we have taken. I speak as one who loves America, to the leaders of our own nation: The great initiative in this war is ours; the initiative to stop it must be ours.
Read the rest of King's speech. Folks tend to forget how truly radical he was.

Buffy Wisdom Monday!

SPIKE: Damn right I'm impure! I'm as impure as the driven yellow snow.

Intervention, Season 5


Sometimes I Can't Help Myself

I've been doing dream work with a Jungian analyst who works out of her apartment. Yesterday, as I was going up in the elevator for my appointment, I saw a notice saying that the building offices would be closed for "observence of Martin Luther King day."

I yielded to temptation, friends. I took out a pen, crossed out the second "e" and wrote a bold, uppercase "A" above it. I felt no shame.