The short story

... is here, with a nice 3D rendering by way of illustration.


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Bad layout, interesting simulation.

Happy Thanksgiving

Dana Gioia trussed, roasted, and carved:

According to the preface to ''Disappearing Ink: Poetry at the End of Print Culture,'' his new collection of essays and reviews, this means that he is ''particularly attuned to expressive intensity, lyric immediacy, significant detail and structural compression.'' It is good of him to tell us so at the outset, since these particular attunements are not much in evidence in the 20 prose selections that follow....

Although he has asked ''Can Poetry Matter?'' the only question Gioia has ever had on his mind is ''How Can Dana Gioia Matter?'' Everyone clutches the question in his or her 4am heart. But not everyone answers it with a sharp elbow in our neighbor's ribs.

Neo-formalism be damned! On to the traces of the infinite Library.

From the Library stacks

Prose poems from Carol Szamatowicz in Lingo 4 wonderful enough to make a sublibrarian go back to searching the next column of shelves. Perhaps I'll find Zoop.


Return of the Oulipo Compendium

Good news from Atlas Press to gladden the hearts of all sublibrarians. They're re-issuing the Oulipo Compendium next year. For more information, see Atlas Press.