Anthology Wars MMMCCI

Joris and Rothenberg on Silliman's complaints about Poems for the Millenium, Volume 2.

One thing I've always appreciated about Joris and Rothenberg is their ability to see the international context of poetic practice. It makes me feel incredibly ignorant, but I take that as a good thing (feeling, not being, ignorant).


Signs of the Apocalypse

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Dawson & Pacey—come home, your country needs you. Save Joey from the E-Meter.


Internet Quiz, Part MMCXIV


Radi os Back in Print

Ronald Johnson's Radi os is back in print thanks to Flood Editions.



A wonderful poem on Poetry Daily from Catherine Wing.

It uses a syntactic constraint that also supports the theme.


"Am I an American? Then why don't I speak Spanish?"

Welcome to multiculturalism. It's about time.

Onward Christian Soldiers

This is just wrong. Text of the opinion here (PDF file).


Yet Another Quiz

I am:
"You're a damn Commie! Where's Tailgunner Joe when we need him?"

Are You A Republican?

I thought I was choosing the moderate answers.

Gojira vs. Godzilla

Brief—but telling—article about what was cut out of the American version of Godzilla.