Uh Oh.

Since the divorce I've been sleeping smack in the middle of a queen-sized bed. This, of course, leaves room for books to either side of the pillows.

This morning I woke up looking at a volume of Kafka's short stories on top of a book on dating and relationships.

I don't know what this means, but I doubt that it's a Good Thing.


Blogger Emily Lloyd said...

[laughing] My thoughts first turn to the line spoken to Woody Allen's character by an ex in Annie Hall: "Sex with you is a really Kafkaesque experience."

I do bed-as-easily-accessed-bookshelf, too, when I'm sleeping alone. But mine gets so bed that I can't roll over without touching a book. Two is admirable restraint.

26/10/07 13:01  
Blogger The Sublibrarian said...

Well, not so much admirable restraint as careful writing. I only wrote about what was in my direct line of sight, thereby omitting Hegel: A Re-examiniation, The Women, the program from the performance of The Women, and Welcome to the Desert of the Real.

And that's just the left side.

29/10/07 14:56  

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