The banshee religious right and those too rude to keep their religion to themselves are having a blogging conference: GodBlogCon.

I was concerned until I read the following entry in the schedule:
Writing Well in the New Media
Writing technique and style changes depending on the medium. Like writing a thought piece for a journal is unlike writing a thought piece for a newspaper, so also is writing a blog post different in style and technique as well as the expectation of the readers reading the piece. La Shawn will teach you some of the secrets to developing a clean, crisp, compelling writing technique for blogging.
What an inadvertently masterful bit of self-deconstructing and self-destructing prose. If that's how they're going to write well, secular society and the blogosphere are safe (for a while).


Blogger Pamela said...

I regret my college expenditure for the MFA degree, when La Shawn was available all the time to teach writting skills relevant to this "doggy-dog" society.

LOL--We're safe, as well as "saved" here in the blogosphere.

25/9/07 15:26  
Blogger The Sublibrarian said...


I went and looked up some of her columns—she must have good editors for her other pieces, or she got really sloppy with this.

As a side note, Ms. La Shawn was in a sketch on the Daily Show last week counseling Samantha Bee about how women are too emotional to be President. I don't think La Shawn knew what was going on.

26/9/07 20:33  

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