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Pictures of science-related tattoos gathered by Carl Zimmer of The Loom.

The one I don't get is the Scheme code tattoo for the Fibonacci series. It really should use memoization rather than being directly recursive....


Blogger Terry said...

Cool! I don't feel so out of place now, what with my wanting to get a tattoo of the equation for the photoelectric effect on one arm, plus a tattoo that reads, "No, use your RIGHT arm!" to remind me not to use my left arm for the right-hand rule.

23/8/07 09:53  
Blogger The Sublibrarian said...

Yup. It works much better when you use your right hand for the right-hand rule.

It's been a few too many years since Halliday & Resnick Vol. 2 for me to remember the photoelectric effect equation—but it sounds cool.

I've never seriously thought about a tattoo. Well, at least not when sober. Just something about needles.

23/8/07 11:02  
Blogger Pamela said...

My husband designs tattoos for people, but neither of us has one. Yet, I want want want that entomologic total back tat. It is gorgeous.


I envy is buried in there.

4/9/07 16:24  

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