If I Didn't Have a File Before...

I probably have one now.

Yesterday, AMERICAblog posted email it had received from the Army. You can see it here. Basically, the U.S. Central Command is conducting a domestic (stateside) propaganda operation by planting stories in blogs.

I sent an email to First Lieutenant Brian M. Anderson telling him that I resented having my tax dollars spent on such things (I probably said "bullshit"). I also suggested that he should resign his commission because he understood neither the basics of democratic governance, nor the necessary subordination of the military to civilian authority.

Today's Sitemeter log shows a visitor who came here via a google search for "ron starr" originating in the centcom.mil domain. No email response, mind you, just a pseudo-anonymous electronic drop by.

If you would like to share your opinion about the military propagandizing civilians, the good lieutenant can be reached at: andersbm@centcom.mil.

In other news, President Bush's assertion that Iran is supplying IEDs to Iraqi insurgents turns out to be utter crap.


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