"Snowclones are Hard. Let's Go Shopping!"

Peter posts about the most recent Language Log on snowclones.

To expand on Peter's entry, here's an earlier entry on snowclones, the Wikipedia entry on snowclones, and a list of common snowclones, already in the form of templates for your pleasure and amusement.

This seems a close cousin to the Oulipian procedure of the perverb and some of the other things Mathews does in Selected Declarations of Dependence which is darn near an encyclopedia of everything that can be done to a proverb (and a great deal of fun, as well).


Blogger Peter said...

Thanks for the list. Fun stuff!

7/3/06 19:50  
Blogger The Sublibrarian said...

Thank you for the initial post. I wouldn't have gone looking without it.

7/3/06 23:47  

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