Gnoetry & Beard of Bees

From Eric Elshtain at Beard of Bees:

Beard of Bees Press is pleased to announce the publication of the latest experiment with America's premier computer-generated poetry software, Gnoetry0.2: Shaking Back the Kiss is a collection of poems composed according to the statistical analysis of four texts: The Custom of the Country (1913), by Edith Wharton; Emma (1815), by Jane Austen; Sex and Common-Sense (1922), by A. Maude Royden (1876–1956, English preacher and social worker); Wuthering Heights (1847) by Emily Brönte. Two 19th and two early-20th century texts—all of them about the sexes, and so all of them about power.

Most of the chapbooks (including Shaking Back the Kiss) are downloadable PDF files.


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