"This Is What a Police State Looks Like"

...or at least being on the road to one. From a notice posted on Seattle Indymedia:
At 3 PM, on Friday, November 2nd, the landlord of the building which houses the Pitch Pipe Infoshop received a call from a Tacoma PD lieutenant. He told her that the Infoshop and the Anarchist Bookfair which it is holding this Saturday and Sunday is a homeland security threat and will be monitored by police for the entire weekend. The landlord then approached residents of the building and threatened eviction. As of now, no one is threatened with a sudden eviction.
God forbid someone reads a book. More about the Pitch Pipe Infoshop Collective.

It's impossible to know if this is Federal pressure or just local cops being thuggish and stupid. I'd bet on the latter, but these days it's not paranoid to consider the former.

Meanwhile, there's some Althusser, Marcuse, and early Marx in my basement that might find its way south to that lending library.


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