Maps and Lamps and Radish Kings, Oh My!

Well, the Radish King had a post about this, but it seems to have disappeared. So, I'll mention it.

From the good folks at Ravenna Press:
AND currently at the printer's is A Map by a Dim Lamp, the long-awaited short pieces by Ron Starr who gives more than a nod to Oulipo. And, coming this week from the designer and soon to go to press, Rebecca Loudon's long-heralded and finally about-to-reign Radish King. Radish King follows Rebecca's popular Tarantella, a Ravenna favorite.

Swing by and buy some books. And be sure to buy these two new books when they're out.


Blogger Peter said...

Yay! Ron, I can hardly wait to get this book in my hands.

31/8/06 18:26  
Blogger The Sublibrarian said...

* * blush * *

31/8/06 18:43  

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