"Second hand smoke kills."
"I'm counting on it."

Teen angst, contempt for the out-crowd, the queen bee prom queen, the outcasts. They're all here and all the more toxic in the atmosphere of a Christian high school. The satire wasn't as sharp as I thought it would be, but some aspects of Fundamentalism are nearly immune to satire (as demonstrated in the documentary Hell House where the "Wicca" expert draws a Star of David inside a circle). Enjoyable, though I think I prefer the broader and bloodier ox-goring of Dogma. Macaulay Caulkin is amazing and almost redeems himself for all that "Home Alone" dreck.


Blogger Radish King said...

Roland, why do you always have to make everyone feel so awkward about your differently-abled-ness?

18/8/06 09:01  
Blogger David said...

Don't make me feel awkward...

18/8/06 15:24  

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