Christian Bök & Eunoia

My friends and fellow Floating Bridge Editors Peter Pereira and Kathleen Flenniken have discovered Christian Bök and his univocalic work Eunoia. Each chapter of the book is written using only a single vowel. The title is the only word in English that includes all of the vowels.

Here's the link (not work appropriate—sex scene) to a recording of Bök reading Chapter U and the link to Peter's blog entry.

And when you're done with all of that, you can go to Coach House Books, read the book online (if you choose), or order it in print or on CD with Bök reading it aloud. Buy some other things, too, while you're at it. They're a very important and very small small press.

I told Peter and Kathleen about Bök almost four years ago, but let that pass. He read here in Seattle a little over a year ago, but let that, too, pass.

UPDATE Kathleen let me know that you can listen to Bök read all of Eunoia here at the Ubu Web site, another one of those places you can spend months exploring.


Blogger Peter said...

Ron: Yes, I think I remember you telling me about him before. But to HEAR him read aloud from these is utterly a-mazing!
Thanks for the links.

My word verification was UUUQUS, btw. I am not kidding!

2/2/06 16:01  
Blogger Pamela said...

Bok is amazing. His reading has an almost Anglo-Saxon gotta-go-kill-Grendel effect. I surely hear caesuras. Thanks for the links.

3/2/06 12:03  

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