Stupid Opera Tricks

Die Fledermaus almost makes That 70's Show look like a Dostoyevskian character study. However slight it is, I did enjoy the performance last night (1/21), especially Sarah Coburn singing the role of Adele. Jane Eaglen, the Wagnerian soprano singing the lead role of Rosalinde, seemed to have too dark a voice for this bit of Viennese fluff.

But what happened during the the second act was dumbfounding. Halfway through the act (the ballroom scene), the footman announces first Slade Gorton, and then Rob McKenna, the state attorney general. And sure enough, they come down the steps and exit stage right. That's it. The act goes on.

Unless the point was to emphasize how the characters are members of a decadent and indifferent ruling elite, the point escapes me. I was hoping someone would boo.


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