Batshit Crazy

There's quite a swamp of racism on the web, especially toward Muslims. Effin' Unsound pointed me to this little pestilential patch. I left an extended comment:
I do not think "the unhinged side" means what you think it means.

WRT the quote from the Qur'an, one has to wonder about the translation because the beginning commands "slay them" while it is clear in the remainder of this, and subsequent verses, that whoever the idolaters are (again, I do not think this means what you think it means) they’re still very much alive.

It should hardly be necessary to say this, but there are parallel passages in the Old Testament. You may have noticed those are not operative in 20th century Christianity (or Judaism), except, of course, for the looney-tunes branches. The same is true of Islam. Contemporary Islam, like contemporary Christianity, has found ways of reading the scripture in tolerant, humane ways. The Tim McVeighs and the David Koreshs are exceptions, just as Osama bin Laden is an exception in Islam.

Repeating yourself more loudly and at greater length does not change the simple, transparent, pellucid fact that you are indulging in ignorant, paranoid racism.

If you deny humanity to entire races/religions, what realistic expectation should you have of not being the subject of ad hominem (note the spelling) attacks?

Zero. That’s what.

Edit your comments. Pull the door closed and live in your room of mirrored fear. Do not, however, expect any of the rest of us to applaud.

UPDATE: Special Bonus Firefly Wisdom Monday quote:

MAL Nothing worse than a monster who thinks he's right with God.


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