The Small Box

The Oulipo site posts a constraint of the month. This month, it's <<petite boîte>> or "small box," created by Jacques Jouet.

A "small box" has six lines with syllable counts of 7 7 8 ? 8 7. Line 4 consists of a single word, the word put in the "box." The lines don't rhyme and form a single sentence. And those lines cannot contain any words in the same grammatical category as the word in line 4. That is, if line 4 is a noun, it's the only noun in the poem.

It should be interesting to see how well it works in English. Maybe the syllable counts should be converted to feet (3 3 4 ? 4 3) given the different metrical systems. Or not.


Blogger Peter said...

This is really interesting. I wish I were better at reading French.

24/6/05 21:11  

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